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A family holiday on Sobieszewska Island. Camping, forest, bicycles, beach, and sailboats. Watch the latest film showing the beauty and uniqueness of Sobieszewska Island in Gdansk.


Gdansk has always been associated with multicultural history and architecture. One of Gdansk`s hidden gems is  Sobieszewska Island. Called the green lung of the city, the island is a haven of peace for those who want to spend their time outside the bustling beaches in the center.

And that is exactly what we wanted to show in the new spot - says Anna Zbierska, Director of the Department of Promotion and Social Communication at the Gdańsk City Hall - green, peaceful: a paradise for people who are in touch with nature. Sobieszewska Island is an attractive place for tourists as well as for the inhabitants of Gdansk, not only for beach lovers and people who appreciate nature and beautiful views, but also those who like to spend time actively. For sailors, bikers, bird watchers and amber hunters. Sobieszewska Island is a unique place. 

In 2018 Gdansk will host the 100th anniversary of ZHP. There is also a chance that Sobieszewo will host the largest scouting event, the World's Jamboree 2023 and the European Rally in 2021 will choose Sobieszewo. It is on the Sobieszewo Island that will camp thousands of young people who will become ambassadors of this place. That is why 2017 is an unofficial year of the Sobieszewo Island - a new bridge and bicycle path is being built on these occasions. 



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