Poznan is one of the major cities in Poland whose history spans a millennium. At some point in time Poznan also enjoyed the status of the royal capital. Located in central Poland at the crossroads of many important trans-European routes, Poznan flourished as a trading and industrial center. Today, Wielkopolska, the western province of Poland, is the richest part of the country. For decades Poznan has been known for its popular trade shows and business tourism and has always been important for the areas tour operators. They have a certain experience in attracting business and incentive program clients to the magnificent palaces around the region.

Airport and railway stations

The Poznan-Ławica Airport is situated 7 km from the city on one of the main routes into the center of Poznan, to the Poznan International Fair and the main railway station. Regular flights connect Poznan with Warsaw, as well as with Bonn, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Munich and Zurich.


City transport

Poznań's public transportation is provided by 17 tram lines, one of them being an express service and another one a night service. There
are also 56 bus day services and 21 night services. Time limit tickets (10, 30, 60, 90 minutes) and period tickets (valid 24 hrs or a month)
are available.


  • Radio Taxi – tel. 9191
  • Radio Taxi Koziołki – tel. 9629
  • Halo Taxi – tel. 9623
  • ACI Taxi – tel. 9667
  • Express Taxi – tel. 9624

Where to Stay?

Poznań now has a wide network of places of stay, with more opening up all the time. Please see what's on offer.

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