The People’s Hall was erected between 1912-1913 to commemorate the centenary of the battle of nations at Leipzig and was called the Centenary Hall. Max Berg created the most famous work of art of Wrocław modernism. The People’s Hall was erected in 1913, on the centenary of the battle of nations at Leipzig. It is also one of the first constructions in the world made of reinforced concrete. The construction has 130 m in diameter and is 42 m high. Its cubature has about 300 thousand m3. In year 1948 a 96 m high spire was placed in front of the construction. The spire is a construction made of metal. It resembles the polls erected by tribes around the world and is a symbol of the restoration of the western grounds. In the monumental People’s Hall sport events, fairs and concerts are organized. Since July 2006 the building is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The Hall is situated outside the biggest park in Wrocław – Szczytnicki Park. The Japanese Garden, whose major attraction are two cascades: “female” and “male”, is situated in the park. Picturesque water streams mold the hilly grounds of the garden.


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