By bus

Bus stations are usually located in city centers. There are local bus services in every town in Poland and connections will take you right across the country. Coach travel in Poland is operated by national and regional carriers. A coach trip is usually longer than train journey. You can buy tickets at ticket offices at train stations, internet or with the driver (on condition that the tickets have not been sold out at the ticket office). Apart from the above, there are many small private bus services which mostly operate minibuses on certain fixed routes. As a rule their stops are situated in close proximity to train or bus stations. Find your bus connection: e-podroż
It's easy to get to Poland using international coach lines. Large cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk are situated on European routes with many connections. Bus fares are usually lower than airfares, so you can get to Poland for as little as €1! Main international coach companies operating in Poland:Polski Bus Eurolines National Express
Bus tickets in Poland are usually a little bit cheaper than the railway tickets. Young people and students are entitled to discounts on presentation of a valid identity card. Mini buses run between smaller localities and their fares are often competitive when compared to national bus line fares. Tickets Prices of tickets differ and depend on the type of transport you choose and on the route you travel. If you have to change buses during your trip you will have to buy a ticket for the next bus. For a bus trip from the southern to the northern part of Poland (from the mountains to the sea) you will probably have to pay, depending on the type of transport, approx., PLN 60-100. From central Poland to many cities (e.g. from Warsaw to Krakow) - approx., PLN 30-50. Where to buy? It is advisable to buy tickets at a ticket office window at the bus station, or on the bus company website. You can buy a ticket from the driver, but sometimes all are sold out. The tickets are numbered, so you usually get a seat. Transport of animals and bicycles Usually small animals are travelling for free, but be prepared to pay an additional charge for you pet traveling with you. Other passengers can ask you to change seats in case someone is not feeling comfortable or have an allergy. Bicycles are transported with additional charge, and sometimes this can cause problems, especially when the bus is very crowded. Transport of animals by international coach All European Union countries, including Poland, require our pets to have a passport. Passports are issued by veterinarians and contain information about the owner of the animal, a description of the animal with a photo,  and a record of its vaccinations.. This regulation concerns dogs, cats and ferrets only.
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