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 Flights to PolandFlying to Poland is easy! Over 30 different airlines fly to Poland - from Emirates to Ryanair, so prices vary considerably. It pays to take your time when shopping around for a flight. You can start with flight search websites, the major airlines or your local Polish specialist travel agent. Poland's international airports include Warsaw ChopinWarsaw ModlinKrakowGdanskWroclawPoznanKatowiceLodzBydgoszczSzczecinLublin and the newest one in Olsztyn. It's pretty much whole Poland covered! Find and compare ticket prices to Poland Flights around Poland Once you're here, flying is also a convenient way to travel in Poland. Poland's domestic airlines LOT and Ryanair have regular flights between Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk. Prices are low, especially if booked in advance. You can find more information at Domestic Flights section.  
Almost whole Poland has a good network of airports, allowing you to fly directly to the preferred destination. Or to easily travel between polish cities. Airports in Poland look are the same as in the rest of the world. Here is the list of airport websites where you can get more information on transport, departures/arrival times and shops/restaurants. Polish airports:Bydgoszcz Gdansk Katowice Krakow Lodz Lublin Olsztyn-Mazury Airport Poznan Rzeszow Szczecin- Goleniow Warsaw Chopin Airport Warsaw Modlin Airport Wroclaw
There are many ways of getting around Poland - with your own car, by train, bus, or even hitchhiking. It is also possible to travel between the larger cities by plane using the domestic flights in service. Domestic flightsFrom Krakow: Gdańsk, Warszawa (Warsaw), KatowiceFrom Katowice: Warszawa (Warsaw)From Gdańsk: Warszawa (Warsaw), Krakow, WrocławFrom Wrocław: Gdańsk, Warszawa (Warsaw)From Poznań: Warszawa (Warsaw)From Szczecin: Warszawa (Warsaw)From Warszawa (Warsaw): Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Katowice, Krakow, Lodz, Poznań, Rzeszów, Szczecin, Wrocław, Zielona GóraCheck shedule and prices At the airportDomestic flights are a convenient and fast way of traveling between the larger cities in Poland. Passengers have to check-in no later than the time indicated on their plane ticket. Check-in takes shorter than international flights, usually about 60 minutes.
Passport control Before departure you should complete several formalities. Check-in time at airports is usually two hours before the departure of an international flight. Go straight to the check-in counter of your airline. Once you have shown your valid ticket and your identity card or passport (or any other documents required such as visas or vaccination certificates, etc.) you will receive a boarding card for your plane. Today (especially at larger airports) there are two queues, one for EU citizens and one for non EU citizens. Here you have to produce your passport or identity card (for citizens of the EU traveling within the EU). Travelers undergo similar procedures on their return to their country of departure. Whilst waiting for your flight you can do some shopping in the duty free shops with their bargain prices that are very popular with tourists. However as an EU citizen flying within this zone you will not be able to buy goods duty free. Baggage There are certain limitations regarding the content and size of hand luggage. Security measures for flights and passenger safety will not permit the transport in your hand luggage any kind of articles that might be used as an offensive weapon; sharp metal objects (penknives, scissors), inflammable materials (lighter gas, solvents, matches) or poisonous substances. Information on security and baggage limitation can be found on each airline’s web site. Please note there is also a charge for excess baggage. Non-standard baggage In the case of non-standard baggage e.g. skis, snowboards, bicycles, windsurfing boards, be prepared for additional payment. The payment for over-size baggage depends on each airline and the kind of equipment transported. Wheelchairs are transported free of charge. Tickets There are around 100 daily flights to Poland, connecting largest cities in Poland with the most of European cities and overseas destinations. There is also a well-developed cheap airline network, making it even cheaper to get to Poland! Find tickets and compare prices

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