Cuisine typical of the Tricity is a mix of traditions from all parts of the country, the continent and even the world. The result of such a combination is visible in the eclectic character of the cuisine, where it is sometimes hard to find local, uniquely regional dishes. An interesting paradox is, however, that it can be at times the closest to fine, traditional Polish cuisine.

Restaurants in Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot are numbered in the hundreds and everyone can find something to their taste. Nevertheless it is perhaps better to choose those restaurants where distinctive Polish food is served.

Polish meals include, meat, mushrooms, cabbage (bigos), sausage (kiełbasa), pork chop Gdansk and Sopot style (kotlet schabowy po gdańsku lub sopocku), tripe (flaki), potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane), meat in cabbage leaf (gołąbki) and dumplings (pierogi). Soups are also very popular, duck blood soup (czernina), sour rye flour soup with white sausage (żurek z białą kiełbasą), pearl barley soup (krupnik), pea soup (grochówka), red beetroot soup with little meat-filled dumplings called ears (barszcz czerwony z uszkami) and chicken consommé (rosół). In Pomerania, visitors should also sample the local fish and noodle dishes (kluski gdyńskie).

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