The dining tables in Katowice are laden with żur, kwaśnica, krupniok śląski, wodzionka, hekele, babraczka, żulik – typical of local, Silesian cuisine. (To appreciate these dishes it is best to taste each one. The written word is insufficient to describe them. All that can be said is that they are delicious).

The origins of these preparations can be traced back to local farming traditions where dairy and vegetable products used to be the staple food. As a result of 20th century rural to city migration this way of cooking, which contained very little meat, was gradually modified. These culinary traditions, together with the local dialect are important sources of Silesian regional identity and character. The restaurants and taverns in Katowice offer typical Silesian and Polish dishes, however, Mediterranean and European cuisine, is also served.

The region is also the heart of beer making in Poland. A brewery producing some of the most popular brands of beer in Poland is located in Katowice. Enthusiasts of the `amber nectar` can sample this frothy delight when visiting those celebrated and award winning breweries in Zywiec and Tychy.

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